“om mani padme hum.”
[the perfection you’re seeking is already within you.]
– ancient sanskrit mantra-

i am a los angeles based 200-hour registered yoga teacher, having received my 200-hour certification from yogaworks in new york city in early 2015. in my training, i learned the proper alignment, benefits & risk factors for many foundational postures, gained an understanding of the structure of the human body, and studied yoga history & philosophy while deepening my personal practice.

i began my journey with yoga when i was in college as a way to get in shape. at the time, i was struggling to love and accept myself, and striving to be “perfect” in every way possible. yoga came into my life just when i needed it most. it taught me to love and care for myself in a way i never was able to before i ventured to the mat for the first time. yoga is so much more than a way to get fit and has given me more than i ever imagined it could. i am honored to now be able to share the gift of yoga with the world!

i teach classes of all sizes to students of all levels. i focus on creating an alignment based sequence that is both invigorating and dynamic to build heat and strength in the body while developing the mind-body-spirit connection. my students can expect to be challenged, both mentally and physically, and to leave class feeling strong, rejuvenated and with a sense of calm.

private classes: private sessions are a great way to deepen your personal practice and transform your body. together, we will tailor your sessions to your level of experience, goals and needs. classes are typically done in the privacy of your own home, but arrangements can be made to schedule sessions at another convenient location for an additional cost… wherever you feel most comfortable!

small group classes: small group classes can be done with up to eight people and are a unique and fun way to connect with friends and family while doing something great for your mind, body and soul. classes are held at the location of your choice, which can range from your home to your office to the beach.

public classes: stay tuned for my class schedule at studios around los angeles!

have questions? want to schedule a session? come yoga with me! shoot me an email at & let’s chat. namaste!

photo courtesy of jessica husted photography

about kelsey


hey everyone! i’m Kelsey, a millennial, LA girl who’s passionate about living my best life in a way that’s healthy, fun, authentic, spiritual, & most importantly, BALANCED. it’s my mission to show the world that you CAN have it all without having to sacrifice one thing for another… & that it really is okay to chase that shot with green juice. thanks for stopping by… hope to see you again soon!

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