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do you ever feel like your life is out of balance? are you looking to re-vamp your lifestyle, but are too worried about being the “boring, healthy friend” of the group to make any serious changes? do you want to be able to enjoy life and maintain a body that you are proud of without having to stress about food? if you answered “yes” to any of these questions, health coaching may be just what you need.

inspired by my own personal journey and struggle to find health and balance, i graduated from the institute for integrative nutrition as a certified health coach in 2013. approaching health and wellness holistically, i look at how all areas of a person’s life are connected and affect their overall health and well-being. rather than counting calories, focusing on carb, fat and protein intake, or “good” vs. “bad” food, i help my clients develop healthy habits that allow them to live a happy, healthy life in a way that is realistic, maintainable, and allows for those necessary indulgences every once in a while.

my services include:

one-on-one coaching: together, we will address your health and wellness concerns and then set realistic, manageable goals to get you on the path to optimal health [whatever that looks like for you]. i will help you incorporate new foods into your diet and develop healthy habits so that you can become, and most importantly, stay, healthy. by the end of your personalized program you will feel healthier, have more confidence and have reached a level of balance that you can maintain. as a part of your program, you will receive:

  • twelve 60-minute bi-monthly sessions over a 6-month period
  • email support in between sessions
  • a variety of monthly giveaways
  • a personalized “kitchen makeover” session where will we replace all of the unhealthy foods in your kitchen with new, healthy [but still delicious!] options

group coaching: looking to make a change that could be more fun and less intimidating in a group setting? get together a small group of 3-8 people and we can all work as a team to reach your health and wellness goals in a safe and supportive setting. similar to the one-on-one coaching programs i offer, we will set realistic goals [both group and individual] and learn how you can tweak your lifestyle to reach and maintain them. as a part of a group program, you will receive:

  • reduced rates [based on the number of people in your group]
  • six 60-minute monthly sessions over a 6-month period
  • email support in between sessions
  • a group grocery store tour where i will show you how to navigate the aisles, decode nutrition facts, talk about food labeling and pick out new, healthy foods to stock your refrigerator with

grocery store tours: having trouble navigating the grocery store? unsure of what foods to buy and which foods to skip? we will spend one hour together in your local grocery store where i will show you how to navigate the aisles, decode nutrition facts, talk about food labeling and pick out new, healthy foods for you to experiment with.

kitchen makeover sessions: similar to the grocery store tours, we will spend one hour together combing through your kitchen and getting rid of anything that doesn’t support a healthy lifestyle. we’ll start with your fridge and work our way through all of your cupboards, chatting about healthy replacements for everything we toss.

if you are interested in working with me, email me at to schedule your free initial consultation!

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hey everyone! i’m kelsey, a girl obsessed with health + happiness who is here to show you that healthy doesn’t have to mean boring, balance is the key to a happy life + that it really is okay to chase that shot with green juice. thanks for stopping by!

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